Best Animated Movies on Netflix

Best Animated Movies

Netflix offers a wide range of movies and TV shows for children so that they can enjoy their vacations and their evening to the fullest. If you are looking for some movies for your children then animated movies and best family movies on Netflix should be your answer.

If you are looking for the best animated movies on Netflix we got your back and have made a list of the best animated movies on Netflix. Each movie is provided with a storyline so that you can decide which movie is suitable for your child.

Most parents are concern about what their children are watching and what movie should be suitable for them. A good choice of movie is very much important because these movies have an impact on your child’s life.

Our list of best animated movies on Netflix will help you decide which movie should be your child’s next watch as well as you can also enjoy these movies with your children. The wide range of animated movies available on Netflix can be enjoyed anywhere anytime plus they are a great source of entertainment.

Select from the below list of best animated movies on Netflix and enjoy your quality time with your children without any worry about the content of the movie as all the animated movies on Netflix are specially made for children. 

List of Best Animated Movies on Netflix

Here is the list of the best animated movies on Netflix if you are looking for animated movies for your children. These movies are the best because of their clear content and great animation. The storyline of these movies will have a great impact on your children’s behavior.

The Mitchells vs the Machines The Mitchells vs the Machines

Rating 7.7/10

Release Year 2021

The young boy leaves for the road trip to join the film school but their road trip was interrupted. The two robots come to save their lives and the planet from the new technologies.

Director Micheal Rianda 

Canvas Canvas 

Rating 6.5/10 

Release Year 2020

The grandfather found his old passion for painting after a great loss and was able to paint again.

Director Frank E.Abney III

Over The Moon  Over The Moon 

Rating 6.4/10

Release Year 2020

To meet the mythical goddess on the moon the mysterious girl builds a robot and was successful to meet that lady.

Director Glen Keane 

The Willoughbys  The Willoughbys 

Rating 6.4/10

Release Year 2020

The four siblings go out to discover the modern world with their nanny. 

Director Kris Pearn 

The Boss Baby Get the Baby  The Boss Baby: Get the Baby 

Rating 5.1/10 

Release Year 2020

The story revolves around the baby and the job that fits him 

Director Pete Jacobs, Matt Whitelook

Monster House  Monster House 

Rating 6.6/10 

Release Year 2006

The trio finds a way to fight with the miserable creature leaving in their neighborhood before the reach of Helloween so that the innocent trick or treaters never meet the ghosts.

Director Gill Kenan

If Anything Happens I Love You  If Anything Happens I Love You 

Rating 7.8/10

Release Year 2020

The journey of the parents after the loss of their beloved child.

Director Will MacCormick, Micheal Govier  

A Whisker Away  A Whisker Away 

Rating 6.7/10 

Release Year 2020

A young girl has the superpower to transform herself into a cat.

Director Junichi Sato, Tomotaka Shibayama

Secret Magic Control Agency  Secret Magic Control Agency 

Rating 6.2/10 

Release Year 2021

Hansel and Gretel use their teamwork, mind, and power to find the missing king.

Director Aleksey Tsitsilin

Fearless Fearless

Rating 4.9/10 

Release Year 2020

A teen strives to protect the three babies after they emerge from his favorite video game.

Director Cory Edwards

The Lorax  The Lorax 

Rating 6.4/10 

Release Year 2012

The girl must find a way to get trees and flowers in her town as she loves greenery and wants this in her beloved town. 

Director Chris Renaud 

Rango  Rango 

Rating 7.2/10 

Release Year 2011

The story revolves around a chameleon who was pet to a family but soon she release her magical power. She faces difficulties and copes with the situation to become a real hero. 

Director Gore Verbinski 

El Camino de Xico  El Camino de Xico 

Rating 5.2/10 

Release Year 2020

To save the mountain from gold-hungry corruption the girl with her best pal set the journey.

Director Eric Cabello 

Ballerina  Ballerina 

Rating 6.8/10 

Release Year 2016 

The two girls escape from their orphanage and join the ballerina class to learn the dance which was their passion. 

Director Eric Summer 

Flavors of Youth Flavors of Youth 

Rating 6.6/10

Release Year 2018 

This movie has three parts. The first is about memories the second is about beauty and the third is about love.

Director Yoshitaka Takeuchi 

A Silent Voice  A Silent Voice

Rating 8.2/10

Release Year 2017

The girl was transferred to another school after being bullied for her impaired hearing. Year after her bullying friends came to her for help.

Director Naoko Yamada 

Godzilla  Godzilla 

Rating 6/10

Release Year 2017

The people of the planet return to their own planet to reclaim their houses after Godzilla has taken control over their planet. 

Director Hiroyuki Sishita, Kobun Shizuno  

Animal Crackers  Animal Crackers 

Rating 5.8/10

Release Year 2019

The magic box was used by the family to save the circus from the control of the evil uncle.

Director Scott Sava, Tony Bancroft 

Bee Bee

Rating 6.1/10

Release Year 2007 

The story is about a bee who flies outside his hive and learn the truth that the human are stealing honey from their hives from a long time ago. 

Director Simon J.Simith, Steve Hickner

I Lost my Body I Lost my Body 

Rating 7.6/10

Release Year 2019 

The goal of the cut-off hand escaped from the dissection lab to get back her body. Later she found that she once lived with a young man to whom she was attached.

Director Jeremy Clapin

Latte and the Magic Waterstone Latte and the Magic Waterstone 

Rating 5.7/10

Release Year 2019 

The story revolves around the struggle of a young hedgehog who wants to save his forest.

Director Regina Welker, Mimi Maynard

Mary and Witch’s Flowers  Mary and the Witch’s Flower 

Rating 6.8/10

Release Year 2018 

The story is about a girl who found a bloom which can take her anywhere and a magic flower which grows only after 7 years.

Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Angela’s Christmas Angela’s Christmas 

Rating 7.1/10

Release Year 2020 

This film is about a girl and her wish which she made on Christmas eve.

Director Damien O Conner

Gnome Alone Gnome Alone 

Rating 5.6/10

Release Year 2018 

The girl found the reality about her house after she was shifted to her new house. She found that the gnome can only save her and her house. 

Director Peter Lepeniotis

Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs 

Rating 6.9/10 

Release Year 2009 

The man become the real hero when he invented the machine that can convert water into food after the crisis of food in their city.

Director Phil Lord, Chris Miller 

More Animated Movies Available on Netflix

If you are done with the above-animated movies and still looking for the best animated movies on Netflix you can select from our additional list of best animated movies on Netflix that will help you to select your next watch.

The animated movies discussed in this blog are available on Netflix US. Netflix US has a wide range of movies and can only be accessed in the US region. To get Netflix US and to access the animated movies on Netflix US you have to change your Netflix region.

Your Netflix region can be changed through the use of a suitable VPN. This method will help you to access the extensive content that is only available on Netflix US while sitting in your own region. The use of VPN will give an impression that you are sitting in the Netflix US region and using Netflix US.

The list of best animated movies on Netflix will help you decide which movie is going live on your TV. these movies can be enjoyed by any age group because of their great storyline and animation. The effort of each individual in these movies has made them the blockbuster. 

These movies are a full package of entertainment. These movies can make your and your children’s evening and vacation even more exciting and enjoyable. 

  1. Dragon Rescue riders 
  2. The Princes and the Frog
  3. Next-Gen
  4. Cosmos Laundromat 
  5. The Croods
  6. Puss in Boots 
  7. Invader Zim: Enter the Forpus
  8. Ghost Patrol 
  9. Turbo
  10. Octonuts and the Caves of Sac Actun 
  11. Klaus
  12. Penguins of Madagascar
  13. Berserk the movie series
  14. Jungle Beat: The Movie 
  15. A Shaun the Sheep Movie
  16. End of Evangelion 
  17. Super Monster 
  18. White Fang




This blog was related to the best animated movies on Netflix. The storyline is provided with each movie which will help you to understand the main theme of the movie so that you can make a better decision for your children and can decide their next watch.