The Best Anime Movies on Netflix

Best Netflix Anime

Netflix the greatest streaming platform offers a variety of movies and TV shows in several genres. It has a great variety of anime movies and TV shows that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

The great range of anime movies is substantial in its own way and has it particular storyline. We have noted down the best anime movies on Netflix so that you can easily select your next anime movie from this list.

We have also provided the storyline and basic information related to the movie that will help you decide your next watch. Mostly movie discussed in this list is a one-shot movie that does not require a lot of your time and you can easily finish these movies in 1 to 2 hours. 

If you are an anime beginner and want to get started with this new genre that is available on Netflix you can easily select from this list. Plus the storyline provided with each movie will help you to get an idea of that film.

And if you are an anime lover and watching this kind of genre for a long time this list will also help you and will give all the names of the best anime movies on Netflix so that you can select your next watch and can enjoy your time with the great storyline, direction and you can also watch best animated movie

Best of Best Anime Movies on Netflix

To select your next watch anime movie just have a look at the below list of best anime movies on Netflix. Each movie is discussed with general information related to the movie so that you can use your time wisely.

The Wicker away The Wicker away 

A junior high school girl falls in love with a high schoolboy. This movie is basically a fantasy movie as the girl has a special power to transform herself into a cat. 

Release Year 2020

Rating 6.7/10

Director Junichi Sato, Tomotaka Shibayama 

Godzilla Godzilla 

Thousands of years after Godzilla has taken control over the human planet the human race return to their own plant to kill the giant creatures and reclaim their houses.

Release Year 2017

Rating 6/10

Director Hiroyayukin Seshita, Kobun Shizuna 

The Seven Deadly Sin The Seven Deadly Sin

The journey of Seven deadly sins to the sky temple in search of an extensive ingredient. But they join the fight with a powerful group of demons that were resurrecting an evil sealed over 3000 years ago.

Release Year 2018 

Rating 7.1/10

Director Yasuhito Nishikata , Noriyuki Abe

Children of the Sea Children of the Sea 

The story starts when the young girl saw a ghost in an aquarium where his father works but now as he becomes older she drawn towards the aquarium and there she met two mysterious boys. 

Release Year 2019

Rating 6.5/10

Director Ayumu Watanabe 

A Silent Voice  A Silent Voice 

The story revolves around two characters. The girl who was deaf and Shoya who was in her class and always bullies her. The story was based on real manga. 

Release Year 2017 

Rating 8.2/10

Director Naoko Yamada 

Flavors of Youth Flavors of Youth 

This movie is divided into three parts which are from different cities of China. The first part is about memories locked in a bowl, The second part is about fading beauty and the third is about the bitter truth about love. 

Release Year 2018 

Rating 6.6/10

Director Yoshitaka Takeuchi, Hauling Li, Jiaoshou Yi Xiaoxing 

Fireworks  Fireworks 

The three youngsters found the magical ball that will help them manipulate the time and will give them second chance but new complication comes with each reset that makes the situation even more difficult. 

Release Year 2018

Rating 5.6/10

Director Akiyuki Shinbo, Nobuyuki Takeuchi 

Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergardenn grieves for the one person who brings happiness to her. She was a tutor and teaches a young lady at a private women’s academy. 

Release Year 2019

Rating 8.4/10

Director Haruka Fujita 

Mirai  Mirai 

A young boy runs from his home and enters a magical garden where he encounters his mother as a young girl and his sister is all grown. He then enjoys a whole series of magic in that magical garden 

Release Year 2018

Rating 7/10

Director Mamoru Hosoda 

Godzilla The Planet Eater  Godzilla: The Planet Eater 

The story revolves around the strange creature name Godzilla.

Release Year 2018

Rating 5.1/10

Director Hiroyuki Seshita, Kobun Shizun0

Ni no Kuni Ni no Kuni

To save the life of their friends two youngsters travel between the real and fantasy parallel universe 

Release Year 2019

Rating 6.1/10

Director Yoshiyuki Momose

Blame  Blame 

The automated city turns to affect citizen lives when the virus malfunction the automated system of that city.

Release Year  2017 

Rating 6.7/10

Director Hiroyuki Seshita 

Mutafukaz Mutafukaz 

After the accident, the man developed the supernatural powers who lives in dark Meat City 

Release Year 2018 

Rating 6.7/10

Director Run

The Garden of Words The Garden of Words

To sit in a lovely garden the young girl skips her morning lesson and met an old woman to whom she shared her feelings.

Release Year 2013

Rating 7.5/10

Director Makoto Shinkai 

Mary and Witch’s Flowers  Mary and Witch’s Flowers 

Mary found the magical bloom and the flowers that grow after seven years. With these two magical things, she discovers a whole new world.

Release Year 2018

Rating 6.8/10

Director Hiromasa yonebayashi 

In this corner of World In this corner of World

During world war II an 18-year-old girl was married to an older man she barely knows and fights with the daily struggles. 

Release Year 2017 

Rating 7.8/10 

Director Sunao Kutabuchi 

Gantz O  Gantz:O 

Recently dead people were taken back to life and supplied with weapons to fight with an army of monsters.

Release Year 2016 

Rating 7.1/10 

Director Yasushi Kawamura 

Dragon Quest  Dragon Quest 

The girl must find the powers to save her mother’s life like her father.

Release Year 2019

Rating 6.6/10

Director Takashi Yamazaki 

Lu Over the Wall  Lu Over the Wall 

Lu found a mermaid during their singing sessions. The mermaid dances to their songs. Lu develops feeling for her and told her about this and the bond started.

Release Year 2017 

Rating 6.8/10 

Director Masaki Yuasa 

Kingsglaive  Kingsglaive 

Soldiers were assigned to protect the magical Kingdome which has sacred crystals.

Release Year 2016

Rating 6.8/10 

Director Kazushige Nojima 

Modest Heros Modest Heros 

The struggle of two boys to find their fathers. 

Release Year 2018 

Rating 6.6/10 

Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi 

Expelled from Paradise  Expelled from Paradise 

The power of a boy to hack the cybersecurity system of the earth.

Release Year 2014

Rating 6.7/10 

Director Masanoba Nomura 

Girls und panzer  Girls und panzer 

To keep their school opens the team has to win the match against the university. 

Release Year 2016 

Rating 7.4/10 

Director Tsutomu Mizushima 

Altered Carbon  Altered Carbon 

While investigating the death of a yakuza boss on the planet of Latimer he found a tattooist and he did everything to protect him. 

Release Year 2020

Rating 6.5/10 

Director Yoshiyuki Okada 

Naruto Shippuden  Naruto Shippuden 

Four Ninjas need to find the stone mist and sand that was disappeared from their village before the ninja war will break out. 

Release Year 2009 

Rating 4.7/10

Director Masahiko Murta 

Done watching above? Additional List of Best Anime Movies on Netflix

So if you are done watching the above anime movies and still looking for more best anime movies on Netflix you can select from the additional list of best anime movies on Netflix to continue watching this genre. 

The movies discussed in this blog can only be found on Netflix’s US library. Netflix US library has one the greatest collection of movies and TV shows and this can only be accessed in the US region.

If you want to access the content that is only available in Netflix US then you have to change your current Netflix region and for this the use of VPN is necessary. This will let you access the whole variety that is only available in Netflix US while sitting in your own region.   

Most people don’t feel comfortable with anime movies and don’t like to watch them but the great storyline, animation, and direction of the discussed movies will let you fall in love with this genre and you will never ever get tired of this genre. 

Just select your next anime watch from the below list and enjoy your evening to the fullest. The great thing about anime movies is that they can be enjoyed with your family. Look for a suitable anime movie and make your evening calm and relaxed and enjoy some family time.

  1. Pokemon the movie series 
  2. Godzilla the movie series 
  3. Okko Inn
  4. Berserk the golden age arc
  5. Starship troopers
  6. Eiga K-On
  7. Cyborg 009 VS Devilman 
  8. Bleach the movie series 
  9. Fate/Grand Older
  10. Naruto the movie series
  11. The End of Evangelion 
  12. Inuyasha the movie series 


If you are looking for something different that can be watched on Netflix so anime movies should be your answer as most people are not aware of this genre. We have discussed the best anime movies on Netflix that will help you to discover this awesome genre available on Netflix. Just select your next watch movie from the above list of best anime movies on Netflix