The Best Family Movies on Netflix

best family movies

Netflix is a streaming platform with a lot of options. It contains a variety of movies and TV shows. You can select any movie categories like best animated movies, best mystery movies, or TV show according to your mood or according to the people around you that are going to watch that movie with you and can enjoy movie time. 

So mostly people look for family movies when they plan a movie time with their family or friends. As family movies provide clear content plus everyone can feel comfortable when the movie goes live. 

To solve this problem we have made the list of Best Family movies on Netflix. This list will help you to decide which movie can be suitable to play and watch during your family time. 

Each movie is discussed with a short storyline that will help you to understand the main theme of the movie and you will be able to decide that the movie can be played or not in front of your family members. 

The movie discussed in this blog contains clear content. The effort of each individual in the movie has made these movies even greater. Because of the great storyline and the theme presented in the movie these movies are the blockbusters of their time and are still trending.

You can select any movie from the list of best family movies on Netflix and can make your evening more exciting by enjoying these movies with your family members and through the discussion that is mandatory after each movie. 

The Top Family Movies on Netflix

We have made the list of best family movies on Netflix so that it can be easy for you to select your next watch from this list. Director names are also mentioned so that you can look for your favorite director and can see their work by watching that movie.

The Mitchells vs the Machines The Mitchells vs the Machines

Rating 7.7/10

Release Year 2021

The story is about a road trip of a young boy with his family but this trip was interrupted and the two robots can save the planet from the attack of new technologies.

Director Micheal Rianda 

Canvas Canvas 

Rating 6.5/10 

Release Year 2020

The old man was succeeded to found his old passion for painting.

Director Frank E.Abney III

Secret Magic Control Agency  Secret Magic Control Agency 

Rating 6.2/10 

Release Year 2021

The teamwork and the clever thinking of Hansel and Gretel bring the King back to his Kingdom.

Director Aleksey Tsitsilin

Over The Moon  Over The Moon 

Rating 6.4/10

Release Year 2020

The rocket was made by a little girl as she wants to meet the goddess who lives over the moon.

Director Glen Keane 

wish dragon Wish Dragon

Rating 7.2/10 

Release Year 2020

The story revolves around a boy and a dragon who shows him the magic and through this he made his wishes come true. 

Director Chris Appelhans

El Camino de Xico  El Camino de Xico 

Rating 5.2/10 

Release Year 2020

The girl with her best pal made efforts to save the mountain from the gold-hungry corruption. She faces a lot of difficulties during her journey but in the end, she was succeeded. 

Director Eric Cabello 

The Willoughbys  The Willoughbys 

Rating 6.4/10

Release Year 2020

After got neglected by their parents the four siblings decided to discover the real world with their nanny. 

Director Kris Pearn 

Jungle Beat: The Movie  Jungle Beat: The Movie 

Rating 5.6/10

Release Year 2020

The animals of the jungle were amazed when they notice that they can talk. They found the reason for this magic.

Director Brent Dawes

Big Feet Family  Big Feet Family 

Rating 5.8/10 

Release Year 2020

The bigfoot of the father becomes the reason for his fame. He decided to protect nature from being destroyed but soon he got disappeared without any trace.

Director Jeremy Degruson, Ben Stassen

Fearless Fearless

Rating 4.9/10 

Release Year 2020

The journey of the boy to protect the three babies after they emerge from his favorite video game.

Director Cory Edwards

Trouble  Trouble 

Rating 5.9/10

Release Year 2019 

The dog learns to live in the real world after he has escaped from his owner. 

Director Kevin Jhonson

We can be Heros  We can be Heros 

Rating 4.7/10 

Release Year 2020

This movie is about the adventurous journey of a young boy and girl with the twist and difficulties in their journey.

Director Robert Rodriguez 

Starring Cast Priyanka Chopra, YaYa Gosselin, and much more 

Pets United  Pets United 

Rating 3.8/10 

Release Year 2020

A street dog and a cat become the hero after saving the world from robots take over.

Director Reinhard Klooss 

Latte and the Magic Waterstone Latte and the Magic Waterstone 

Rating 5.7/10

Release Year 2019 

The young hedgehog wants to save his forest from evil plans. This movie shows the real struggle of little hedgehogs.

Director Regina Welker, Mimi Maynard 

Ballerina  Ballerina 

Rating 6.8/10 

Release Year 2016 

The two girls want to follow their passion to become the ballerina and for this, they escape from their orphanage to learn ballerina dance. 

Director Eric Summer 

Bengi 2 Bengi 2

Rating 6.3/10

Release Year 2018 

To heal the broken family after the boy and girl got into great danger the dog come to rescue them. 

Director Brandom Camp 

Starring Cast Patsy Garrett, Ed Nelson, and much more 

Patrick  Patrick 

Rating 5.9/10 

Release Year 2019 

The ability of the dog to turn the teacher’s life upside down. 

Director Mandie Fletcher

Starring Cast Ed Skrein, Beattie Edmondson, and much more 

Mirai  Mirai 

Rating 7/10 

Release Year 2018 

The boy discovers a magic garden where he found himself small again and his sister is all grown. He then enjoys series of adventures with his sister. 

Director Mamuro Hasoda 

Animal Crackers  Animal Crackers 

Rating 5.8/10

Release Year 2019

To save the circus from the evil plans of uncle the family uses a magic box. This magic box will help the family to save the beloved circus.

Director Scott Sava, Tony Bancroft 

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey  Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey 

Rating 6.5/10 

Release Year 2020

The story of a boy and his toy who made him happy and it’s like a light in his dark life. 

Director David E.Talbert

Starring Cast Madalen Mills, Anika Noni Rose, and much more 

Charming  Charming 

Rating 5.6/10 

Release Year 2018 

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White were amazed to find out that they all are engaged to the same person.

Director Ross Venokur

Back of the Net 

Rating 5.2/10 

Release Year 2019 

The story of a soccer girl who went to the prestigious soccer academy and won the match in the national tournament. 

Director Louise Alston 

Starring Cast Sofia Wylie, Tree Robin, and much more 

The Christmas Chronicles 2  The Christmas Chronicles 2 

Rating 6/10 

Release Year 2020

When the troublemaker makes the plan to cancel Christmas forever a teen reunited with Santa Claus to look into the situation. 

Director Chris Columbus 

Starring Cast Julian Dennison, Darby Camp, and much more 

Jinxed  Jinxed 

Rating 6.5/10 

Release Year 2013 

To end the family curse of never-ending bad luck two siblings are set to start this journey.

Director Stephen Herek  

Starring Cast Ciara Bravo, Jack Griffo, and much more

Rock my Heart  Rock my Heart 

Rating 6.5/10 

Release Year 2017 

The girl with a heart defect bonds with an unruly stallion to enjoy time and do some adventure before her life ends. 

Director Hanno Olderdissen 

Starring Cast Lena Klenke, Emilio Sakraya, and much more 

Gnome Alone Gnome Alone 

Rating 5.6/10

Release Year 2018 

The girl found the reality about her house after she was shifted to her new house. She found that the gnome can only save her and her house. 

Director Peter Lepeniotis 

Rip Tide  Rip Tide 

Rating 5.5/10 

Release Year 2017

The American model went to live with her aunt in Australia after the viral video made her career finished.

Director Rhiannon Bannenberg 

White Fang  White Fang 

Rating 7/10 

Release Year 2018 

The boy looks for his father with his best friend who was a wolf after his father was lost during the gold rush.

Director Alexandre Espigares 

home Home 

Rating 6.6/10 

Release Year 2015 

The girl made friends with Aliens and had a good time with the theme as together they enjoy and discover things. They had a great adventure together. 

Director Tim Jhonson 

Arctic Dog  Arctic Dog 

Rating 4.7/10 

Release Year 2019 

The gang get together to melt the ice with the help of gas to save the plot of Otto 

Director Aaron Woodley 

Watch More Family Movies on Netflix

Netflix is a platform with a huge number of movies. It will give you a lot of options and you can never be bored with the movies that are available on Netflix. This wide range of movies can be part of your evening and your evenings can be enjoyed to the fullest.

So if your done watching the above-mentioned family movies and still looking for the best family movies that can be watched on Netflix you can select from our additional list of best family movies on Netflix.

This list contains movies that are animated plus movies that have very clear content and can easily be played and watched in front of your family.

The movies discussed in this blog are part of Netflix US. You will not find some of the mentioned movies in your region as these movies are only available on Netflix US.

But if you change your Netflix region and use a suitable VPN you can easily access all the mentioned movies in your region. The VPN will give an impression that you are sitting in the US region and using Netflix US. This method will help you to solve the problem of geo-restricted content.

Just select your next watch from our list of best family movies on Netflix and enjoy your family time with all of your family members or you can watch these movies with your friends as well as with your kids.

  1. Angry bird 
  2. Finding Ohana 
  3. Pokemon the movie series 
  4. Klaus 
  5. A Cinderella Story 
  6. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus 
  7. DJ Cinderella 
  8. Octonauts and the Great Barrier Reef 
  9. Penguins of Madagascar
  10. Lu over the Wall
  11. The Little Vampire
  12. A Fairly Odd Summer 
  13. Mary and the Witch’s Flower 
  14. Duck Duck Goose
  15. Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie 
  16. Barbie Princess Adventure 
  17. Woody Woodpecker
  18. Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling 
  19. A Shaun the Sheep Movie 
  20. Little Door Gods


The list of best family movies on Netflix will guide you to select your next watch. The storyline provided with the movies will help you understand the overall theme of the movie. Netflix offers a lot of family movies but we have gathered 50 best family movies on Netflix so that it will be easy for you to select the movie for your family movie time.