The Best 50 Horror Movies on Netflix

Netflix horror

Are you looking for some horror movies whose stories revolve around haunted houses, dark wood, scary creatures, and much more?

Well, Netflix has a whole range of horror movies that can be enjoyed at night when the dark comes. We bring you the list and the storyline of the best horror movies on Netflix so that you can enjoy your weekend nights to the fullest with these horror movies. 

Netflix library is a mixed bag of movies and TV shows. It contains a variety of movies and TV shows. But the people on Netflix mostly preferred to watch something that is real like best thriller movies are related to the horror movies and most of the horror movies on Netflix are based on real stories.

The great storyline of the horror movies plus the starring cast made these movies a favorite of all. These movies can be enjoyed at any time but the real enjoyment of these movies is at night. 

Best Horror Flicks on Netflix

We have discussed the best horror films on Netflix. This list will give you information about which horror film is worth watching and will help you decide which horror film will be your next watch because this list not only contain the name of movies but also the story line and the starring cast of that particular movie.

                            seventh day movie The seventh day 

Rating 4.4/10 

The exorcist and priest team up to dive deeper into hell on earth. As they move forward their own demons become visible as they were successful to find the difference between good and evil.

Starring Guy Pearce, Vadhir Derbez, Stephen Lang, and much more 

The Devil below                             The Devil below 


The team was sent to search for the coal mine and how the fire started but they found out some mysterious creatures and got to know they were not alone there. 

Staring Eric Scherbarth, Stephan Jaworski, and much more 

The silence
The silence 


A teen with his family seeks a home outside the city when the mysterious creature took hold of their city who hunt by their voices. 

Starring Stanly Tucci, Kidman shipka, Miranda Otto, and much more 


I am thinking of ending things                 I am thinking of ending things 


The girl travels with his boyfriend to his farm to meet his parents and then the mystery started.

Starring Jessie Buckley, Jesse Plemons, Tonnie Colette, and much more 

Cadaver                       Cadaver 


One family discovers to pay much more than the price of admission during the postapocalyptic famine 

Starring Gillette Witt, Thomas Gullestad, and much more 

                  The Binding The Binding


A mother was successful in fighting with a spiteful curse intent on affirming her daughter.

Starring Daniele Cosci, and much more

                        Army of the death Army of the death 


The group planned the greatest heist ever during the quarantine zone due to the outbreak of Zombie in Las Vegas.

Sattring Deva Bautista , Ella Purnell, and much more

    Eli                 Eli 


To treat a real disease the boy was trapped in the haunted house. 

Staring David Chirchirillo, Richard Naing, and much more

                  Alive Alive


It’s a Zombie based Korean movie.

Starring Park Shinhye, Yoo Ah-in, and much more 

                  Death of Me Death of Me


A couple found a strange video in which one of them was killing the other.

Starring David tesh, Ari Margolis, and much more

                  Things Heard and Seen Things Heard and Seen 


The artist found out that their new house has some dark secrets 

Starring Amanda Seyfried, James Norton, and much more

                    The Platform The Platform


The prisoner in the cell notices that the upper cell inmates while the below starve. 

Starring Alexendra Masangkay , Zorion,  Gorka and much more 

                      Don’t Listen Don’t Listen 


The death of a young boy in their new home brings some mysterious events.

Starring Lucas Blas , Rodolfo Sancho, and much more 

                  The Clovehitch Killer The Clovehitch Killer 


The happy family broke after the boy found some mysterious secrets about his father 

Starring Dylan Macdermott, Charlie Plummer, and much more

                  In the tall grass In the tall grass 


To save a boy the brother and sister enters into the tall grass but soon the found out they have no way to return and the evil truth of the long grass 

Starring Patrick Willson, Avery Whitted, and much more

                His House His House 


The new couple settles in a new town that has some evil truth. 

Starring Sope Dirisu, Matt Smith, and much more 

                Winchester Winchester 


The story revolves around the haunted house which was built thousand years ago.

Starring Jason Clarke, Sarah Snook, much more

                Girl on the Third floor Girl on the Third floor

The man found out the evil truth about the house when he decided to renovate the third floor of his house

Starring CM Punk, Sarah Brooks, and much more

              Apartment 1BR Apartment 1BR 


Women experience the consequence of breaking the rule after they shifted to the new apartment 

Starring Naomi Grossman, Tylor Nichols, much more

The Ritual                     The Ritual 


For friends get together to do some adventure but the wrong turn gets them to the mysterious forest.

Starring Rafe Spall , Maria Erwolter, and much more

                    It Comes at Night It Comes at Night 


To keep the outside at bay two families were forced to share the home but found out that the true evil may come from within. 

Starring Carmen Ejogo, Griffin Faulkner, and much more

                      Veronica Veronica 


The two girls get together to call the spirit of her father and they found out the evil has emerges as soon as one of them loses consciousness.

Starring Ana torrent , Claudia placer, and much more

                      The stranger prey at night The stranger prey at night


The road trip turns into the worst nightmare as they were surrounded by mysterious creatures.

Starring Lewis Pullman, Emma Bellomy, and much more

                    The Woman in the window The Woman in the window


Dr. Anna Fox something mysterious about the perfect family of Russell. 

Starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, much more

Apostle                        Apostle 


A man travels to the island to bring his sister back. Soon he found out about the evil truth about the island that he can’t even imagine. 

Starring Dan Stevens, Micheal Sheen, much more

                    Malevolent Malevolent


The brother and sister witness the real paranormal activities.

Starring Florence Pugh, Scott Chamber, and much more

                      Get In Get In


The house was surrounded by hunted spirits after the family returns to their house after vacation.

Starring Olivier Abbou, Adama Niane, much more

                    Ghost of War Ghost of War 


The soldier was encountered with a supernatural enemy which has never happened in the battlefield.

Starring Cast Kyle Gallner, Skylar Astin, and much more



The girl was trapped in her house and stalked by a mysterious creature. When the parents return they notice the different attitudes of their daughter and they become concerned about her.

Starring Shree Crooks, Anna Trov, much more

                  Cam   Cam 


The channel of camgirl was taken over by the mysterious girl who just resembles to her.

Starring Madeline Brewer, Devin Druid, much more

Additional List of Best Horror Movies on Netflix

The Netflix library has a whole range of Horror movies. Netflix US is famous because of its extensive content available on its library but the whole range of Horror movies on Netflix US is must watch. 

If you want to access Netflix US while sitting in your own region you have to change your current Netflix region to the US for which you have to use VPN. Changing your Netflix region to the US through the use of VPN you will be to access all the horror movies that are available on Netflix US 

The below is the list of some more horror movies that are available on Netflix US and can be enjoyed anywhere anytime. These movies are a must-watch because of their great storyline and excellent starring cast. Most of the movies are based on real events and real stories that actually happened and faced by a lot of people around the world.

  1. Eerie
  2. Bird Box
  3. The Cloverfield Paradox
  4. Nobody Sleep in the woods tonight
  5. Andhaghaaram
  6. No Escape Room
  7. Tau
  8. The block island sound
  9. Mercy Black
  10. The Invitation
  11. La influencia
  12. The killing of a Sacred Deer
  13. Polaroid
  14. 1922
  15. Creeped Out
  16. The Wind
  17. The Babysitter
  18. The bad batch
  19. Gerald’s Game
  20. Truth or Dare

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The list of the best horror movies will and the provided storyline will help you decide which of the horror movie is your next watch. 

These are only some of the horror movies on Netflix. The Netflix library contains 1000 horror movies that can easily influence you and can become your favorite one.