Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

Best Romantic movies Netflix

Netflix is the king of the streaming platforms with a number of movies ranging from animated to mystery, war to horror movies, and adventurous to romantic movies. Once you have the subscription to this streaming platform you will never find yourself bored.

If you are looking for some romantic movies to enjoy with your partner and to make your evening romantic you can easily select from our list of best romantic movies on Netflix. This list of best romantic movies on Netflix will surely change your mood and will make you enjoy your evening to the fullest.

Let’s admit this truth that everyone loves love story and enjoy watching romantic movies where they can see the efforts, people put to save and maintain their relationship. We also like to watch how two people come closer to each other and now they have become so important parts of each other’s life that they can’t even imagine living without each other. 

Hollywood has captured true love which is the most important aspect and has made movies that can mesmerize you with the love stories of people and some of these movies are even based on real-life stories that actually happened. 

You can expect all kinds of romance from these movies. The love between two old couples trying hard to hold each other hands till the last breath or the love between two young couples whose life has just started and how to managed to find the true happiness of their lives. 

Enjoy your evening with your partner and set romantic movies on your TV. You can easily select any movie from our list of best romantic movies on Netflix it will surely brighten up your mood and will release your tension so that you can enjoy it. 

The Top Romantic Movies on Netflix that will surly Brighten up your mood

So, if you are looking for movies to make your evening romantic you can select from the below list of best romantic movies on Netflix. Set these movies on your TV and enjoy them with your loved one. 

The Stand In The Stand-In

Rating 4.6/10 

Release Year 2020

The career and the identity of an actress were taken by a stand-in after performing her community service for tax evasion. 

Director Jamie Babbit 

Starring Cast Lena Dunham, Drew Barrymore, and much more 

Falling Inn Love Falling In Love

Rating 5.6/10 

Release Year 2019 

When the young girl won the New Zeland Inn the romance and remodeling collide.

Director Roger Kumble

Starring Cast Adam Demos, Christina Milian, and much more 

The Wrong Missey  The Wrong Missey 

Rating 5.7/10 

Release Year 2020 

The trouble started when the boy invites his girlfriend to the island but the previous blind date girl showed up. 

Director Tyler Spindel 

Starring Cast Lauren Lapkus, Davide Spade, and much more 

The Half of It  The Half of It 

Rating 6.9/10

Release Year 2020

The shy, introverted young girl helped the boy to get the girl who was secretly wanted by both of them.

Director Alice Wu 

Starring Cast Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, and much more 

Holidate Holidate 

Rating 6.1/10 

Release Year 2020

The two strangers agree to pair up so that they can’t be single during the holidays. But soon they catch real feelings for each other.

Director John Whitesell

Starring Cast Emma Roberts, Luke Bracey, and much more 

Faith, Hope, and Love  Faith, Hope, and Love 

Rating 6.2/10 

Release Year 2019 

To save the dance studio the recently divorced couples take part in the dance contest.

Director Robert Krantaz, J.J. Englert  

Starring Cast Robert Krantz, Micheal Richard, and much more 

Love Wedding Repeat Love Wedding Repeat 

Rating 5.5/10

Release Year 2020

Jack made ensure that her sister has the perfect wedding when the alternate version of the same wedding unfold. 

Director Dean Craig 

Starring Cast Sam Claflin, Joel Fry, and much more

The Lovebirds The Lovebirds

Rating 6.1/10 

Release Year 2020

The breaking up couple stuck in a mysterious problem. While solving mystery they must find out how they can save their relationship to survive the night. 

Director Micheal Showalter 

Starring Cast Issa Rae, Anna Camp, and much more 

Love, Guaranteed Love, Guaranteed 

Rating 5.6/10

Release Year 2020

A man hires a lawyer to sue the dating app after the failure of his 1000 dates. But this turned his life as he found the perfect match.

Director Mark Steven Jhonson

Starring Cast Racheal Leigh Cook, Lisa Durupt, and much more 

Hampstead  Hampstead 

Rating 6/10 

Release Year 2017

Emily moves to live with Donald after her house was captured by real estate developers. Donald only wants peace in his life where Emiley bargained for when romance blossoms. 

Director Joel Hopkins

Starring Cast Diana Keaton, James Norton, and much more 

Someone Great Someone Great

Rating 6.2/10 

Release Year 2019 

When the girl was dumped by her old boyfriend she reunited with her friend to do the last adventure before she moved to another city.

Director Jeniffer Kaytin Robbinson

Starring Cast Brittany Snow, Gina Rodriguez, and much more 

Desperados Desperados

Rating 5.2/10 

Release Year 2020

The panicked girl moves to another city with her friend to delete the email she has sent to her boyfriend. 

Director Ellen Rapoport 

Starring Cast Nasim Pedrad, Anna Camp, and much more 

The Last Summer  The Last Summer 

Rating 5.6/10 

Release Year 2019 

The students with full of love and friendship go on their last picnic before they go to college. 

Director William Bindley 

Starring Cast KJ Apa, Tyler Posey, and much more 

Just Say Yes Just Say Yes

Rating 4.5/10

Release Year 2021 

When her sister got engaged she found her life upended to get the perfect picture of her wedding.

Director Appie Boudellah, Aram van de rest

Starring Cast Jim Bakkum, Lisa Micheals, and much more 

Always be my Maybe Always be my Maybe

Rating 6.8/10

Release Year 2019 

Childhood love stop speaking from 15 years and reconnected as adults. But the old sparks were still there as the couple lives in a different world. 

Director Nahnatchka Khan

Starring Cast Ali Wong, Randall Park, and much more

When We First Met When We First Met

Rating 6.4/10 

Release Year 2018 

The man gets the opportunity to travel the time to make everything perfect of that night when he first met his dream girls.

Director Ari Sandel 

Starring Cast Adan DeVine, Shelley Hennig, and much more 

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day

Rating 5.7/10 

Release Year 2016 

The four ladies busy in their lives and problems get together on mother’s day to enjoy this day and to discuss their problems.

Director Garry Marshall 

Starring Cast Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, and much more   

Ginny Weds Sunny Ginny Weds Sunny

Rating 5.7/10 

Release Year 2020

After getting rejected by a lot of girls the boy managed to get married to her crush with the help of her mother. 

Director Puneet Khanna 

Starring Cast Yami Gautam, Venus Singh, and much more 

Set It Up Set It Up

Rating 6.5/10 

Release Year 2018 

The two assistants reunited to set up their bosses together to get off their backs. 

Director Claire Scanlon

Starring Cast Zoey Deutch, Lucy Liu, and much more 

Tall Girl Tall Girl

Rating 5.2/10 

Release Year 2019 

The story is about a tall girl. She falls for a handsome boy but soon she realized her insecurities about her height.

Director Nzingha Wolfson

Starring Ava Micchelle, Sabrina Carpenter and much more 

Crazy About Her  Crazy About Her 

Rating 6.6/10 

Release Year 2021

After spending the crazy night together the boy realized that the only way to meet her is patience.

Director Dani De La Orden 

Starring Cast Susana Abaitua, Luis Zahera and much more 


Rating 4.7/10 

Release Year 2018 

The three friends in their 40s decide to fall in love with a young man.

Director Axelle Laffont

Starring Cast Axelle Laffont, Virginie Ledoyen and much more 

You’ve Got This  You’ve Got This 

Rating 5.8/10 

Release Year 2020

Great marriage between them until the man wants to be a father and he brought someone new to their house. 

Director Salvador Espinosa 

Starring Cast Juan Martin, Esmeralda, and much more 

The Perfect Date  The Perfect Date 

Rating 5.8/10 

Release Year 2019 

A schoolboy creates an app to fix dates. But soon he falls for someone and his plans get complicated.

Director Chris Nelson

Starring Cast Laura Manaro, Camila Mendes, and much more 

Rich In Love Rich In Love 

Rating 5.8/10 

Release Year 2020

A businessman traps when he told her loved one that he has came from a humble beginning. 

Director Bruno Garotti

Starring Cast Giovanna Lancellotti, Danila and much more 

The Late Bloomer  The Late Bloomer 

Rating 5.2/10 

Release Year 2018 

A story of 30 years after his tumor was removed and soon after he hits puberty.

Director Kevin Pollak 

Starring Cast Jhony Simmons, Brittany Snow, and much more  

Then Came You  Then Came You 

Rating 6.2/10 

Release Year 2020 

The women decide to travel the world with her husband’s ashes.

Director Adriana Trigiana 

Starring Cast Elizabeth, Ford Kiernan, and much more 

Let It, Snow  Let It, Snow 

Rating 5.8/10 

Release Year 2019 

The group of friends soon realized that their friendship and love life are colliding. 

Director Luke Snellen

Starring Cast Isabela Merced, Odeya Rush, and much more

Holiday in the Wild  Holiday in the Wild 

Rating 6.1/10 

Release Year 2019 

The girl planned her solo honeymoon where she rescues a baby elephant and nurses him and gets him back to life.

Director Ernie Barbarasha 

Starring Cast Kristin Davis, Colin Moss, and much more 

Seriously Single  Seriously Single 

Rating 4.4/10 

Release Year 2020

A story of a social media expert who wants to be committed and fall for a perfect boy.

Director Rethabile Ramaphkela 

Starring Cast Bohang Moeko. Yonda Thomas and much more

Additional List of Romantic movies on Netflix

So if you are done watching the above movies on Netflix and still looking for some amazing romantic movies available on Netflix then you can select from our additional list of best romantic movies on Netflix.

Netflix USA has a wide range of movies and most of the movies are romantic because people like to watch these kinds of movies. The starring cast, the director, and every individual have put so much effort that has made these movies blockbusters.

The movies discussed in this blog are available on Netflix USA. Some of the movies can be found on your Netflix region too but some of them can not be found but you can change Netflix region to get access for those movies. 

 To get access to all the discussed movies you have to change your Netflix region to the USA. For this, you need a VPN that will help you to swap your current IP address to the IP address of the USA.

After getting access to Netflix USA you can easily select your next watch romantic movie from our list and have a great time with your loved one. 

  1. 365 Days 
  2. After we collide
  3. Rebecca 
  4. All the bright places
  5. 2 Hearts 
  6. The lost Husband 
  7. After 
  8. WildLife 
  9. The Titan 
  10. To All the boys 
  11. Red Joan 
  12. Freaks
  13. Marriage Story 
  14. Zero
  15. The Florida Project 
  16. The Bad Batch 
  17. A Monster Call 
  18. Safe Heaven
  19. Before I Fall
  20. The Prome 


If you are looking to spend a perfect date night with your partner and looking for a perfect romantic movie you can select from our list of best romantic movies on Netflix. The discussed movies will make sure to brighten up your mood and will help you to spend your night perfectly with your loved one.