Best Thriller Movies on Netflix


Best Netflix thriller

Most people around the globe are amazed by the idea of thriller movies and like to watch them. Thriller movies are the whole package of drama, suspense, action, and comedy that needs your full attention. 

Netflix offers a wide range of thriller movies. Every movie is great in its own way and has its own importance. But we have noted down the best thriller movies on Netflix so that you can decide which thriller movie is going to be your next watch.

50 best thriller movies on Netflix are full package of your entertainment. A short storyline of discussed thriller movie and the mentioned cast of each movie will help you to choose from the list.

This list is a whole collection of movies. The best thing about thriller movies is that they are a whole combination of drama, suspense, action, comedy, Crime, noir, and more which make them even more exciting. The most famous tiles to watch of Netflix are best romantic movies, action  , and animated movies.

Select the best thriller movie on Netflix from the given list and enjoy with your family and make your evening more exciting and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones. 

Best Thriller Movies on Netflix to Watch

Netflix library contains a variety of movies but the count of thriller movies on Netflix is much greater than any other category. Select from the below list of best thriller movies on Netflix and enjoy your evening to the fullest.

Sightless Sightless

Rating 5.5/10

The attitude of surrounding people changes when the young girl lost her eyesight in an attack and fight with the circumstances. 

Starring Madelaine Petsch , Alexander Koch, and much more 

The Woman in the window The women in the Window 

Rating 5.7/10

Some mysterious truth ruin the happy family of Russel which was witnessed by Dr. Anna Fox 

Starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, and much more 

The Night Clerk The Night Clerk 

Rating 5.5/10 

The clerk was suspected to kill a woman during his shift but when the police investigate they got to know that the clerk has a connection with the woman. The police must stop the killer before another girl killed. 

Starring Ana de Armas, Helen Hunt, and much more

Ice Road Ice Road 

Rating 5.5/10 

The effort of the driver to save the miner trapped the miner after the diamond mining collapse. He did the mission to save them and crosses the frozen ocean. 

Starring Liam Neeson, Matt MacCoy, and much more

I am thinking of ending things I am thinking of Ending things 

Rating 6.6/10

A young girl travels to her boyfriend’s farm and observes some mysterious activities.

Starring Jessie Buckley, David Thewlis, and much more 

Ava Ava 

Rating 5.4/10

The story revolves around the assassin. She was marked for breaking orders and protocols. 

Starring Colin Farrell, Geena Davis, and much more

Fractured Fractured 

Rating 6.4/10

The man thinks that the hospital is responsible when his wife and daughter disappear from the emergency room.

Starring Lily Rabe, Lucy Capri, and much more

What Lies Below What Lies Below 

Rating 4.3/10

A social worker met with her mother’s fiance and thinks that he is the perfect human for her because of his charm and intelligence. 

Starring Troy Iwata, Trey Tucker, and much more 

The Devil below The Devil Below 

Rating 4.3/10

The survival of the sinkhole against mysterious force. 

Starring Will Patton, Zach Avery, and much more 

Synchronic Synchronic 

Rating 6.2/10 

Steve and Dannes found the new drug when to got together. But after the disappearance of Dannes daughter, Steve found out the terrifying truth that has challenged everything he knew about reliability.  

Starring Anthony Mackie, Jamie Dorman, and much more

The Vanished The Vanished 

Rating 5.7/10

The daughter vanished without any trace during the family vacation. 

Starring Anne Heche, Thomas Jane, and much more 

I Care A lot I Care A lot 

Rating 6.3/10

The legal guardian tries to bilk the women who were paired with the powerful gangster. 

Starring Peter Dinklage, Dianne Wiest, and much more

Call Call 

Rating 7.1/ 10

To change his own fate serial killer decided to put a woman’s life and past on the line.

Starring Park Shin-Hye, Lee El, and much more

Extraction Extraction 

Rating 5.8/10

The search of a kidnapped son of an international crime lord. But the mission approaches the impossible because of difficulties.   

Starring David Harbour, Sam Hargrave, and much more

Welcome Home Welcome Home 

Rating 5.2/10

The evil plans ruined the reconciling plan of the couple to save their relationship.

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, and much more

A Fall from Grace A Fall from Grace 

Rating 5.9/10

The lawyer notices some activities that let him think that the woman is not responsible for the murder of her husband. 

Starring Tyler Perry, Barsha Webb much more

The Clovehitch Killer The Clovehitch Killer 

Rating 6.6/10

The disturbing pictures of the father found by his son tore the perfect family. 

Starring Daylen MacDermott, Madisen Beaty, and much more

The Devil All the Time The Devil All the Time 

Rating 7.1/10

The man strives to protect his loved one from corruption and sinister character.

Starring Tom Holland, Robert Pattison, and much more

6 Underground 6 Underground 

Rating 6.1/10

To delete their past and to change the future six people on the basis of their uniqueness were selected from around the globe. 

Starring  Ryan Reynolds, Adria Arjona, and much more

The Platform The Platform 

Rating 7/10


The prisoner notices that the inmates in the upper cell are fate while the lower cell starve. 

Starring David Dasola, Antonia San , and much more

Eli Eli 

Rating 5./10

For the treatment of the disease, the boy was locked in the haunted house. 

Starring Sadie Sink, Max Martini, and much more

Dangerous Lies Dangerous Lies

Rating 4.8/10

Rating 5.3/10

The capture of caretaker into a web of lies and murder after the death of an old man who leaves his estate to her.  

Starring Camila Mandes, Jessie Usher, and much more 

Death of Me Death of Me 

Rating 2.9/10

The couple strives the find the truth about the video in which one of them was killing the other.

Starring Maggie Q, Alex Essoe, and much more

Awake Awake 

Rating 5/20

The man got to know that he is wanted for commenting number of murders after he woke up on a hospital bed. 

Starring Malik Yoba, Adina Galupa, and much more

Mile 22 Mile 22 

Rating 6.1/10

22 miles needed to be covered to transport the foreign intelligence asset but the soldier soon find out that the police close in to reclaim the asset. 

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg, and much more 

Close Close 

Rating 5.7/10

The kidnapping forces made Zoe run with his bodyguard to save their lives. 

Starring Noomi Rapace, Indira Verma, and much more

Extinction Extinction 

Rating 6.6/10

The man strives to save his wife and daughter from the debating attack after seeing the nightmare. 

Starring Micheal Penna, Lizzy Caplan, and much more

Secret Obsession Secret Obsession 

Rating 4.4/10

The woman finds out the danger is far from over when she wakes up from the traumatic attack and her husband took care of her.

Starring Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, and much more 

Freaks Freaks 

Rating 6.7/10

The girl got to know about the reality of this world as she was kept locked for 7 years. She met the mysterious stranger who changes her life.

Starring Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, and much more

We have always lived in the Castle We have Always Lived in the Castle 

Rating 5.6/10 

The lives of two sisters and uncle got threatens with the arrival of the cousin whose motive was to make their lives miserable. 

Starring Sebastian Stan, Peter Conan, and much more

Some More Exciting Thrilling Movies on Netflix

The list of best thriller movies on Netflix will go on and on as the Netflix library contain a variety of these movies. Thriller movies have a special place in people’s heart which make these movies blockbuster.

The things which make these movies blockbuster are the great storyline and the effort of the starring cast. The way in which these movies are directed is to make them even more special and a must-watch.

The best thing about thriller movies is that it’s a whole combination of suspense, drama, comedy action, and much more. 

Netflix US has a variety of thriller movies. If you want to access the library of Netflix US you have to change your current Netflix region to the US and you needed a VPN. This will help you to access the whole Netflix US library while sitting in your own region.

If you are done with the above list of best thriller movies on Netflix we have made another list that can help you to select from the variety of options. Choose from this list of best thriller movies on Netflix and make your time thrilling.

  1. Miraj
  2. #Alive
  3. Angel has Fallen
  4. In the Shadow of the Moon
  5. 3022
  6. Project Power
  7. Oxygen
  8. The Invisible Guest
  9. Polar
  10. The Whole Truth
  11. 1BR
  12. Tau
  13. Prospect
  14. Peppermint
  15. To the Lake
  16. The Drowning
  17. Forgotten
  18. Triple Frontier
  19. Hold the Dark


We have gathered the best thrilling movies on Netflix that you can be watched anywhere anytime. Just choose the next thriller movie from our list and you will never be disappointed because of the great storyline and the direction of that film.