Best War Movies on Netflix


So, Hollywood is more about war and action movies. These two genres are the most viewed all over the world. Netflix offers war movies to its viewers. These movies represent the countless efforts of each individual during the war.

If you are looking for some great war movies we have listed down the best war movie on Netflix. These movies are top-rated and that’s why they are a part of this list. The great storyline and the direction of these movies have made them even greater. Netflix library has a whole collection of best action movies that will make you fall in love with the idea of action movies.

To make your evening thrilling and exciting this genre will be suitable for you but these movies can make the situation stressful as they create suspense. But the great thing about war movies is that they are based on true events and stories.

Most of the war movies represent the real war that actually happened and also the situation that causes that war. These movies also show the countless efforts of the fighters and how they were able to defend their enemies. 

Just select from the below list of best war movies on Netflix and make your time thrilling and stirring. The storyline provides with each movie will help you select your next watch. The great direction and effort of each individual in that film will let you go crazy and you will never get tired of war movies especially those who love suspense and action.  

 15 Best War Movies on Netflix 

We have noted down the best war movies on Netflix and the storyline of each movie which will let you understand the basic theme of the movie and how the story revolves. 

1. Da 5 Bloods 


The story revolves around the Vietnam war vets. They were reunited. This movie has a bunch of talented string casts that has made this movie even more exciting. This movie is one of the greatest works of its director and can be the best war movie of recent time.

Rating 6.5/10 

Starring Cast Chadwick Boseman, Clarke Peter, and much more 

2. The King

This movie is part of the brads “Henreid” in Shakespearean tone and scope. This movie is must watch if you are into war movies. The great direction and the starring cast have made this movie even more exciting and thrilling and it is still trending on Netflix. This movie is one of the greatest Shakespearean adaptions.

Rating 7.2/10

Starring Cast Robbert Pattinson, Sean Harris, and much more 

3. Extraction 



So Extraction is not only a war movie but a great combination of war, action thrill, and drama. This movie can be enjoyed with your family as it’s a combinational movie. The great starring cast and the storyline will never disappoint you and this movie can be your next favorite. 

Rating 6.7

Starring Cast Chris Hemsworth, Randeep Hooda, and much more 



This movie is based on a true story. The story is about three brothers. These three brother makes the forest where they play in their childhood days as the new battleground to fight with Nazis. Every individual has put so much effort into this film that has made this film a blockbuster.

Rating 7.2/10

Starring Cast Daniel Craig, Alexa Davalos, and much more 

5.The Siege of Jadotville 


The Siege of Jadotville 

This story revolves around the Irish army man who was in the Cango mission. This movie portrayed that how much effort is needed to win a war and how much struggle is done by an army officer to save his country and loved ones. 

Rating 7.2/10

Starring Cast Jamie Dornan, Mark Strong, and much more 

6. Beasts of No Nation 

Beasts of No Nation 

This movie will tell you the story of a young boy who was forced to join rebellion forces to fight in a civil war and to save his country. The effort of the young boy and the struggle done by him will let you know about the true reality of wars. This movie is a great hit.

Rating 7.7/10

Starring Cast Idris Elba, Abraham Attah, and much more 

7. First, they killed my Father 

First, they killed my Father 

Based on a true movie and directed by a well-known director Angelina Jolie. This movie is a great hit but disturbing. The story is about a young girl whose family was forced to live in a camp and was forced to do work.

Rating 7.2/10

Starring Cast Mun Kimhak, Khoun Sothae, and much more 

8. Outlaw King

Outlaw KingThe story is about the crowned King of Scotland who was exiled from his country. He made a team of powerful people who assist him to get his throne back. The idea behind this film and the great storyline has made this film even more exciting.

Rating 6.9/10

Starring Cast Chris Pine, Florance Pugh, and much more 

9. The Pianist

The Pianist

The story is about the time after World war II when helpless people were seeking help from Nazis who have controlled Poland and how radio pianists attempt to survive the germen occupation of Warsaw. 

Rating 8.5/10

Starring Emilia Fox, Frank Finlay, and much more 

10.War Machine 

War Machine 2

The US general was sent to Afghanistan to settle the military war that started eight years ago. This movie shows the countless effort of the US general and how he was able to clear the military mess. 

Rating 6/10

Starring Cast Brad Pitt, Topher Grace, and much more 

11. The Outpost 

The Outpost 

This movie portrayed the fight between American soldiers and the Afghan Taliban. Both the parties fought bravely to get their measures. This movie cast several actors who have put so much effort in the making of this film that’s why this movie is a great hit.

Rating 6.8/10

Starring Cast Scoot Eastwood, Orlando Bloom, and much more 

12. Platoon 


The availability of this film on Netflix is a blessing. This movie is about the war of 1986 and how the soldiers were able to fight that war. This movie is a great war movie and an all-time favorite of most of the people who love war movies.

Rating 8.1/10

Starring Cast Charlie Sheen, Kevin Dillon, and much more 

13. Shadow 


The story of this movie revolves around three Kingdoms of China. The great storyline and the direction of the movie have made this movie a blockbuster and a must-watch movie. This movie is great poetry that has been put on our screens. This movie is Theatrical but it is never untrue.

Rating 7/10

Starring Cast Sun Li, Deng Chao, and much more 

14. War Dogs 

War Dogs 

The two young arms dealers succeeded in convincing the US army to contact them by selling weapons to the Afghan Army. This movie is actually based on a true event that has made this movie even more exciting. 

Rating 7.1/10

Starring Cast Jonah Hill, Ana de Armas, and much more 

15. The Death of Stalin 

The Death of Stalin This movie is basically a funnier war movie that is about the death of the USSR’s leader in 1953. If you are looking for a great combination of war plus a funny movie just have a look at this movie.

Rating 7.2/10

Starring Cast Steve Buscemi, Jason Issacs, and much more 


We have listed down the best war movies on Netflix. These war movies are only available on Netflix US. Each of the movies is discussed with the storyline so that you can get an idea about the main theme of the movie. Just select from the above list of best war movies on Netflix and make your evening thrilling and exciting. 

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