How to Block Shows and Movies on Netflix Easy Guide 2022

how to block shows on netflix

Children nowadays are pretty adept when it comes to using new technologies. Using streaming networks and watching movies has become part and parcel of their daily lives. Among these streaming channels, Netflix is a front runner. 

 As a parent or caregiver, you cannot continuously monitor the content children watch, and if some measures are not taken, you risk your children coming across age-inappropriate content. 

These measures include parental control options that help parents block shows on Netflix. Parental Control allows parents to block movies on Netflix. But exactly how to block shows on Netflix? To get a detailed answer to this query, follow the guidelines provided in this article.

How to Block Shows and Movies on Netflix? Quick Guide

Netflix is a top choice of many when it comes to streaming. Well, it deserves to be one due to the number of facilities it provides to its audiences, especially parents. There is a whole section named Parental control devoted to parents. Thus, making it easy for parents to avoid icky stuff for their kids.

It is surely hard to keep an eye on your kids all activities, all the time. They should be allowed to watch Netflix on their own whenever they want, without the need of an elder. However, you will not want them to watch or come across shows or movies inappropriate for their ages. 

There comes the role of Netflix helping the parents by allowing them to block movies on Netflix. But exactly how to block shows on Netflix? To get the answer, you will have to throw your glances over the guidelines provided in this article. 

Guidelines for Blocking Shows on Netflix

We know that being a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your little one is watching kids-friendly content on the video-streaming platform. One way of doing this is by monitoring and keeping an eye on your child whenever they are using Netflix. 

But, let’s be realistic; you cannot do this 24/7, so how exactly can you protect them from watching inappropriate content? 

No doubt Netflix has a lot of content but not everything there is kids-friendly, most suitable genre for children are family, animated and kids movies, and fortunately, you can find best animated movies on Netflix for kids.

One of the best ways is by blocking Netflix shows that you deem unfit for your kid. Here’s how to block shows on Netflix:

  • First, access your Netflix account by filling in the required information in the credentials section.
  • Move your cursor and click on the profile icon to open a drop-down menu.
  • Scroll through the options and search for the Parental control section. Tap on this option and change your Netflix password if your kid knows it, else proceed further by filling in your account’s password.
  • Next, Netflix will ask you to create a unique PIN code of four digits. 
  • After following these steps, you will get the option of Restrict by Maturity. Tap on it if you wish to restrict shows according to the level of age.
  • In this category of options, you can also block specific shows by clicking on the Restrict specific titles option and creating a four-digit PIN.

How to Profile Lock System

The subscription-based video-streaming platform has introduced the feature of a profile lock system using which you can stop your child from accessing an adult’s account. It is a way to ensure that your little one is consuming only kid-friendly content, in addition, to find kid-friendly content you just need to know how to use Netflix codes to find movies according to your kids liking. Read out the below-given guideline to find out how to lock your profile.

  • Log in to your Netflix account and open the menu bar. 
  • Next, search for the option of Profile lock in this meu and click on it. 
  • To proceed further, you will have to enter your account’s password. 
  • After these steps, the site will ask you to fill in a code in the PIN box. 
  • Complete the whole process by clicking on the option of Save at the end. 

How to Monitor Activities

You can keep an eye on your little one’s watch history by using the following steps.

  • On your account’s dashboard, search for the option of viewing activity. 
  • Next, simply clicking on view will allow you to access your child’s watch history on the video streaming platform.
  • In addition, for the safer side you can also delete watched history on Netflix

Can I Block Netflix Shows on Smart TV and Roku?

Unfortunately no. For blocking Netflix movies or TV shows, it is necessary to access the Netflix account settings. Here, you can obtain the Parental and Profile controls that you can, later on, utilize to block movies on Netflix.

However, you can not acquire these settings on streaming devices, be it Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, or Chromecast. To acquire the account settings of Netflix, you will have to log in to your Netflix account using any web browser. Hence, you can only view and block movies on Netflix from devices with a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Netflix has different maturity ratings according to different age groups. For Kids, the ratings on Netflix include TV-Y, TV-Y7, G, TV-G, PG, and TV-PG. In addition, the video streaming platform provides two rating options for teenagers PG-13 and TV-14. The maturity ratings available for adults are R, TV-MA, and NC-17. Note here that these ratings are based on different age groups and can vary from region to region.

No, you cannot watch a show or movie if you block it. Therefore, if you plan on watching a blocked show at a party with friends and family, you won’t be able to access it. But there is one way you can still watch it: unblock the show or movie by removing it from viewing restrictions. Remember, that movie will remain unblocked until you block it again.

You can easily block and hide adult-rated content on Netflix by opening the parental control section. Here you can find the option of restricting specific titles. Click on it and create a PIN to stop your child from accessing inappropriate content.


Blocking Netflix shows for your little ones is the best way to stop them from accessing it. However, if you are confused and don’t know how to block shows on Netflix, we can help you. This article is solely dedicated to solving your query ‘how to block shows on Netflix. We hope that now you know the ways to block shows on Netflix.