Netflix Pricing Plan : How Much Does Netflix Cost

Please Note: Netflix offers three different plans to its users so that the extensive Netflix library can be enjoyed anywhere anytime. 

Netflix is the ruler of the streaming platforms with 207.64 million subscribers all over the World. Netflix is a significant part of the Entertainment industry because of its vast library of TV shows, Movies, and original content. But the question arises How much does Netflix cost? 

Netflix offers different pricing plans to facilitate its user so that the user can select a suitable pricing plan and can enjoy the extensive Netflix content without getting worried about the money or the services. 

Netflix Subscription Plan

Netflix put forward three different subscription schemes to its customers. These subscription schemes will help you to access all the content accessible on Netflix.

Plan  Basic Plan  Standard Plan  Premium Plan 
Price (per month ) $8.99 $13.99 $17.99
Number of screens one Two Four
Streaming status  Not HD  HD HD and 4k ultra HD 
Netflix content Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 


Basic Plan: The cost of this plan is $8.99 which allows one screen at a time. This plan is suitable for a person who lives alone and wants to access unlimited Netflix content. The content will be in standard definition – No HD.

Standard Plan : The cost of this plan is $13.99 and it offers two screens simultaneously. This plan is suitable for couples who want to watch different Netflix content at the same time. HD definition can be accessed through this plan.

Premium Plan : This plan will cost you $17.99 and it offers four screens. This plan is suitable for a group of friends who might be watching Netflix in their homes at the same time. Unlimited content can be accessed through this plan in HD nad 4k ultra HD definition.

If Netflix changes its subscription fees in future you can cancel Netflix account anytime.

Netflix DVDs and Blu-rays Plan

Netflix offers a unique service that is a disc by mail but only in the US. A disc is sent to you through Netflix that you can retain for as long as you want to and after returning that disc Netflix will send you the upcoming disc present in your row.

There are two types of subscription plans for DVD and Blue-ray and there is no limitation in both the plans. The only limitation is that when you return the first disc you will get the next disc whereas you can watch as many discs as you want to. 

Enormous types of TV shows and movies can be ordered through this service even those shows can also be watched that are not available on the Netflix streaming platform.


Subscription Plan  Monthly Price for DVDs  Monthly Price for DVDs and Blu-rays  Number of Discs Number of rented Discs 
Standard  $7.99 for DVDs,  $9.99 for DVDs and Blu-rays  One disc Unlimited
Premium  $11.99 for DVDs $14.99 for DVDs and Blu-rays  Two discs Unlimited

The DVD will arrive in 1-3 business days once you have ordered from Place the DVD back in the red envelope provided and deposit it in the mail when you are done watching the DVD.

Which Netflix Subscription is the Best

To get started with Netflix Standard and Premium plan are the best because these two plan offers the content in HD quality that can not be achieved in Basic plan. Plus these two plans offer sharing which means that you can watch Netflix on multiple devices at the same time. 

Some areas are limited to the standard definition because of their internet speed in this case the basic and standard plan is money well spent.

The premium plan is excellent for those who have 4k TV because this plan offers 4k and ultra HD content means you can enjoy four times the resolution of a Full HD screen. 

How to upgrade the Netflix plan?

To upgrade the Netflix plan you have to open your Account page and click on “change or upgrade your plan “ under the Plan detail section.

If you want to access those content that are not available in your region you can change Netflix region to get those content while residing in your region.


The above-detailed discussion was about how much Netflix cost. This guide will help you to decide which Netflix subscription plan is pocket-friendly and suitable for you.

Basic Standard and Premium are the plans that are offered by Netflix. Unlimited Netflix content can be accessed through these plans and you can watch Netflix anywhere anytime.