The Best Picked Mystery Movies on Netflix

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Sometimes we all want to watch something different that is not related to romantic movies or comedy. It is about solving a mystery in your own way and taking part in that film to solve the puzzles. Netflix has a wide range of movies.

You can find all kinds of movies on the Netflix catalog. So if you are looking for some mystery movies on Netflix you can find a thousand of them with a great storyline. We have made the list of best mystery movies on Netflix so that it will be easy for you to select your next mystery watch from this list. 

These mystery movies are made in a sense that you will definitely take a part in these movies and will try to solve the mystery by joining the puzzles along with the characters in the movies and at the end maybe you will found yourself dumb or maybe you will be successful in finding the mysterious truth. 

Most people like to watch mysterious movies and always look for some of those movies with great storylines and great starring cast like in action movies have mostly great storyline and cast. We have provided you with the list of best mystery movies on Netflix with the storyline and starring cast of that particular movie that will help you to select the movie without any waste of time. 

So, follow our lead and select your next mystery movie from our list of best mystery movies on Netflix and try your best to take part in that movie to solve the mystery in your own way and get fascinated by the twist in the middle of the movie and get shocked about the ending turn in the movie.  

List of Best Mystery Movies on Netflix

We have made the list of best mystery movies on Netflix so that it will be easy for you to selectively pick the best of best mystery movies on Netflix and make your movie night mysterious by finding some of the mysterious truth of that particular movie.

The Woman in the window The women in the Window 

Rating 5.7/10

Release Year 2021

Dr. Anna fox was able to find out the mysterious truth about Russel’s happy family.

Director Joe Wright

Starring Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, and much more 

lost girls Lost Girls 

Rating 6.1/10 

Release Year 2020 

A mother made her personal investigation to find her missing daughter. 

Director Liz Garbus 

Starring Cast Amy Ryan, Lola Kirki, and much more 

The Night Clerk The Night Clerk 

Rating 5.5/10 

Release Year 2020

The clerk was suspected to kill a woman during his shift but when the police investigate they got to know that the clerk has a connection with the woman. The police must stop the killer before another girl is killed. 

Director Micheal Cristofer

Starring Ana de Armas, Helen Hunt, and much more 

The Last Thing He wanted  The Last Thing He wanted 

Rating 4.3/10 

Release Year 2020

The reporter got involved in what she was trying to break when she helps her father broker an arms deal.

Director Dee Rees 

Starring Cast Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck, and much more 

In the Shadow of the Moon  In the Shadow of the Moon 

Rating 6.2/10 

Release Year 2019 

The police officer starts to track the serious killer but the killer defies all scientific explanations the officer threatens that he will destroy everything. 

Director Jim Mickle 

Starring Cast Boyd Holbrook, Racheal Keller, and much more 

The Clovehitch Killer The Clovehitch Killer 

Rating 6.6/10

Release Year 2018 

The disturbing pictures of the father found by his son tore the perfect family.

Director Duncan Skiles 

Starring Daylen MacDermott, Madisen Beaty, and much more 

Rebecca  Rebecca 

Rating 6/10 

Release Year 2020 

A young couple went to the family estate and she found herself battling with the shadow of his first wife.

Director Ben Wheatley 

Starring Cast Lily James, Bryony Miller, and much more 

The Girl on the Train  The Girl on the Train 

Rating 4.4/10 

Release Year 2021

The girl fantasizing about the couple who lived in a house from where her train passes until something shocking happened there. 

Director Ribhu Dasgupta 

Starring Cast Parineeti Chopra, Aditi Roa Hyderi, and much more 

We have always lived in the Castle We Always Lived in a Castle 

Rating 5.6/10 

Release Year 2018 

The life of the two sisters and their uncle got threatens with the arrival of their cousin.

Director Stacie Passon

Starring Cast Sebastian Stan, Peter Canaan, and much more 

Murder Mystery  Murder Mystery 

Rating 6/10 

Release Year 2019 

The couple went for a vacation but encountered the chance and blamed it to be the murderer of an elderly billionaire. 

Director Kyle Newacheck 

Starring Cast Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and much more 

Enola Holmes  Enola Holmes 

Rating 6.6/10 

Release Year 2020 

A teen searching for her mother but she uses her skills to outsmart her big brother Sherlock.

Director Harry Bradbeer 

Starring Cast Millie Bobby, Henry Cavill, and much more 

Awake Awake 

Rating 5/20

Release Year 2019

The man got to know that he is wanted for commenting number of murders after he woke up on a hospital bed. 

Starring Malik Yoba, Adina Galupa.

Director Alexsandr Chernyaev

Starring Cast Malik Yoba, James Austin, and much more 

Forgotten  Forgotten 

Rating 7.5/10 

Release Year 2017 

Jin-Seok chases for the truth behind the mysterious kidnapping when his brother returned and has no memory of the past 19 days.

Director Jang Hang-jun

Starring Cast Lee Na-Re, Kang Ha-noel, and much more 

Strange But True 

Rating 5.8/10 

Release Year 2019 

Philip paid a visit to his brother’s girlfriend and found that the unborn baby belongs to his brother after the 5 years of his death.

Director Rowan Athale 

Starring Cast Nick Robison, Amy Ryan, and much more

Mute  Mute 

Rating 5.5/10 

Release Year 2018 

A mute bartender searches for his love lady but he goes deeper and deeper into the well of the criminal underbelly.

Director Duncan Jones 

Starring Cast Paul Radd, Noel Clarke, and much more 

Andhagharaam  Andhagharaam 

Rating 7.8/10

Release Year 2020

A Blind librarian, disparate cricketer and psychiatrist look for redistribution and release as their lives overlap under eerie influences.

Director V.Vignarajan

Starring Cast Arjun Das, Vinod Kishan, and much more 

The Whole Truth The Whole Truth

Rating 6.2/10

Release Year 2016

A defense attorney got involved in a difficult case where he must acquit his teenage client for the murder of his father. He took the help of a young lawyer to win the case.

Director Courtney Hunt

Starring Cast Keanu Reeves, Gabriel Basso, and much more 

The Body  The Body 

Rating 5.4/10

Release Year 2019

The body of powerful businesswomen got lost. The police look into the case but when he asked her husband he realized that there is a hidden truth in his eyes.

Director Jeetu Joseph

Starring Cast Jeetu Joseph, Emraan Hashmi, and much more 

Before I Fall  Before I Fall 

Rating 6.5/10

Release Year 2017

The girl has the perfect life with the perfect future but soon she died in a car accident but wakes up and reliving the days again. With her powers, she must unravel the secrets of people closer to her eyes.

Director Ry Russo-Young

Starring Cast Zoey Deuth, Halston Sage, and much more 

Secret Obsession Secret Obsession 

Rating 4.4/10

Release Year 2019

When the wife wakes up from a traumatic attack her husband took care of her. But soon she realized that the danger is far from over.

Director Peter Sullivan

Starring Cast Brenda Song, Mike Vogel, and much more 

Mirage Mirage

Rating 7.4/10

Release Year 2018

Vera saved the life of a boy 25 years ago but somehow lost her daughter. She must fight back to get her daughter back.

Director Oriol Paulo

Starring Cast Alvaro Morte, Chino Darin, and much more 


Hubie Halloween  Hubie Halloween 

Rating 5.2/10

Release Year 2020

Two friends find themselves investigating the murder. They tried their best to find the real murderer.

Director Steven Brill

Starring Cast Cameron Boyce, Adam Sandler, and much more

The Invisible Guest  The Invisible Guest 

Rating 8.1/10

Release Year 2016

A young businessman wakes up in the hotel room next to his dead lover. He hires a lawyer to defend himself.

Director Oriol Paulo

Starring Cast Mario Cases, Ana Wagener, and much more  

Intuition  Intuition 

Rating 5.4/10

Release Year 2020

The police investigate the murder of a 19-year-old girl whose best friend was the prime suspect.

Director Alejandro Montiel

Starring Cast Delfina Chaves, Maita Lanata, and much more 

Time Trap  Time Trap 

Rating 6.3/10

Release Year 2017

The students notice that the time passes differently underground than on the surface when they were trapped in a cave.

Director Ben Foster

Starring Cast Brianne Howey, Andrew Wilson, and much more 


The Discovery  The Discovery 

Rating 6.3/10

Release Year 2017

The story revolves around life after death. Most people have done suicides to take a rest and they believe that they will be alive after some time.

Director Charlie McDowell

Starring Cast Rooney Mara, Jason Segal, and much more 

The Witch  The Witch 

Rating 7.2/10

Release Year 2018

Ja-Yoon escaped and lost her memory. After 10 years when she goes on TV to win money for her family, her life turns upside down when she faces her past.

Director Park Honn-jung

Starring Cast Kim Da-mi, Woo-sik Choi, and much more 

Cam Cam 

Rating 5.9/10

Release Year 2018

Women look exactly like she took off her channel and start to miss use her channel.

Director Daniel Goldhaber

Starring Cast Madeline Brewer, Devin, and much more 

Midnight Special  Midnight Special 

Rating 6.6/10

Release Year 2016

Government and religious people pursue a man and his son who possesses special powers.

Director Jeff Nichols

Starring Cast Micheal Shannon, Jaeden Martell, and much more 

The Lovebirds The Lovebirds 

Rating 6.1/10

Release Year 2020

At the urge of their relationship, the couple got involved in a murder mystery. They must get closer so that they can save their relationship.

Director Micheal Showalter

Starring Cast Issa Rae, Anna Camp, and much more 

More Mystery Movies on Netflix

Netflix is famous because of its huge collection of movies and TV shows. It has a never-ending list of amazing movies that will never ever let you get bored. 

If you are done watching the above-discussed mystery movies and still looking for some of the movies that have an amazing storyline and have hidden mysterious truth you can select from our additional list of mystery movies on Netflix. 

The great storyline and effort of every individual in these movies has made them to be the best mystery movies and that’s why they are on our list of best mystery movies on Netflix. You will be fascinated by the whole platform of the movie and surely participate in the movie to solve the puzzle along with the characters of the movie.

The discussed movies are only available on Netflix US. The US is a region that is famous for its wide collection of movies on Netflix but these movies can only be accessed in the US region. If you want to access those movies you have to change your current Netflix region

By changing your Netflix region and by using a suitable VPN you will be able to swap your current IP address to the IP address US. This will let you access all the movies that are only available on Netflix US while sitting in your own region.

When you got the access to Netflix US you can select your next mystery movie from our list of best mystery movie on Netflix. This wide collection of mystery movies will let you make your evenings and movie nights mysterious as you will find out that you are also in the film and taking part to solve the mysterious cases along with the characters of the movie.   

  1. Forensic
  2. Creeped Out 
  3. Cadaver 
  4. The Silience of the White City 
  5. The Invitation 
  6. Hassen Dilruba 
  7. Badla 
  8. The Forest 
  9. The Happytime Murders
  10. Unknown Origins 
  11. Self/Less
  12. Svaha 
  13. Kill the Messenger 
  14. Death Note 
  15. Bypass Road
  16. The Guest 
  17. Crimson Peak 
  18. Andhadun 
  19. Perdida 
  20. The Legacy of the Bones


We have discussed with you the best mysterious movies on Netflix. From Alive to Awake and from lost girls to the girl on the train we have discussed with you the best of the best mysterious movies that are available on Netflix so that you can’t find yourself bored in your movie nights and can make your evening even more interesting.