Kusano has a bright future with his fancy university degree and new job. yet, it is not to be. The blood sucking financial giant which he works at goes broke and leaves him on the pavement. When it rains it pours and his father becomes ill and needs care and money. He also has his own debts. Needing cash, he searches for and finds a job rather quickly. The job, however, is illegitimate and involves undesirable activity. What is a man to do?

  • Runtime: N/A
  • Released: 30 Jun 2019
  • Genre:Action, Crime, Drama
  • IMDB: 6.3
  • Starring: Shôdai Fukuyama, Asuka Hanamura, Tomoya Maeno
  • Writer: N/A
  • Director: N/A
  • Available countries: Japan

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