How to Use Netflix Codes Completed Guide 2022

use netflix codes

With millions of movies and TV shows of different genres on Netflix, why do you keep seeing the same stuff in the recommendation section? Well, it may be because some genres and subgenres on Netflix are obscure. But you can always see them through Netflix codes and diversify your streaming content. 

Until now, you may have never come across a great deal of Netflix content just because they are hidden somewhere in its extensive library. However, you don’t have to go page to page searching for new content because now Netflix codes can do that for you. To see how to use Netflix codes, keep your eyes glued to the article until the end!

What are Netflix Codes?

Netflix codes are those special sets of numbers that allow users to see hidden TV shows and movies. Every page on Netflix has a different code that decides what shall appear on the page. In addition, different genres and subgenres have different codes. For example, there are separate codes for horror, drama, best animated movies on Netflix, etc. 

However, while using the codes, a thing to remember is that they don’t work on mobile or smart TV apps. So, if you are wondering how to unlock movies on the Netflix app using codes, they can only be seen and used on the Netflix website. But the title that you find through the website can be found on the app. 

So, you can write the titles you find and search for them later in the apps. For using the code of a genre or subgenre that you have found, simply replace it with the four Xs of the URL:

Where Can I Find Netflix Codes?

There are a lot of Netflix codes for the different genres, subgenres, and even specific movies or shows. Netflix, however, does not provide any list covering these different codes. But you can always fall back on your web browser to search for them.

Some popular Netflix codes are also mentioned in the article below. Check them out; you might discover something worthy.

How to Use Netflix’s Secret Codes?

To use the Netflix secret codes, follow the steps given below:

  • Open up a web browser on your tablet, smartphone, or computer.
  • Enter[code] on the address bar. Then, in the link, add the code you want to search for in place of [code].
  • Press the Enter key to view the website.
  • You may see a featured video preview on the top of the page, while the recommendations related to the specific genre will be available below.
  • Under your profile, tap on the grid icon. It will allow you to choose whether to view the title according to its released year or alphabetically.
  • Watch the movies or shows straight away or add them for watching later.

Children and Family Movies

Finding the best family movies on Netflix with no inappropriate scenes can sometimes be hectic, but you can still manage to find one if you apply the following codes. For your convenience, we have sorted out these codes by age so that you can make sure your 2-year-old kiddo is not watching a movie that is for a 12-year child.

  • Films for children aged 0 to 2-year-old: 6796
  • Films for children aged 3 to 4-year-old: 6218
  • Films for children aged 5 to 7-year-old: 5455
  • Films for children aged 8 to 10-year-old: 561
  • Films for children aged 11 to 12-year-old: 6962

Education for kids: 10659

Usually, some of the highly-rated movies in this category include Cat in the Hat, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, etc. 

TV cartoons: 11177

Star Trek: The Animated Series and Sofia the First are some of the good films you will find by applying this code on the video streaming platform. 


Undoubtedly, some good documentaries can help broaden one’s mind about different topics. Moreover, through these docufilms, we get to learn about various cultures and ethnicities all around the world. Therefore, we have mentioned some codes to help you find the best documentaries in your preferred category. 

Biographical Documentaries: 3652

Some of the best findings of this category include The Legend of Cocaine Island, Knock Down the House, Bill Nye: Science Guy, etc. 

Historical Documentaries: 5349

Some of the best findings in this category of documentaries are JFK: The Making of a President, World War II in Color, etc. 

Crime Documentaries: 9875

Some of the best crime docufilms are Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and Making a Murderer. 

Military Documentaries: 4006

Some of the best findings in this category of documentaries include Hiroshima, The Russian Revolution, etc. 

Sports Documentaries: 180

The good sports documentaries available on Netflix include Zion, The Carter Effect, Resurface, etc. 

Music and Concert Documentaries: 90361

Some of the good findings in the Music and Concert documentaries list are Gaga: Five Foot Two, Homecoming, and John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky.  

Horror Movies

It’s always fun to watch a good scary movie, but first, you will have to find one that can live up to your expectations. Don’t worry the below given Netflix horror codes divide these movies into various types so that it’s easier for you to option from the best horror movies on Netflix

Vampire Horror Movies: 75804

One of the best vampire movies available on Netflix is He Never Died. You can find many others by applying the above given Netflix horror code. 

Satanic Stories: 6998

The best finding in this horror film category is The Babysitter movie. 

Teen Screams: 52147

Applying the above-given code on the video streaming platform will lead you to films like Truth or Dare, Zombieland, Scream, etc. 

Supernatural Horror Movies: 42023

Some of the good supernatural horror movies are Poltergeist, Death Note, Insidious, etc. 

Romantic Movies

Many romantic films are available on Netflix, from rom-coms to tear-jerker dramas, here are the best romantic movies on Netflix right now and one way to narrow your search to some of the best in this category is by using the following codes.

Romantic Comedies: 5475

Some of the best rom-com stories that you will find on Netflix include Someone Great, The Ugly Truth, and Always Be My Maybe. 

Quirky Romance: 36103

Some good findings in this category of romantic films are Ibiza, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, Bridget Jones’s Baby, etc. 

Steamy Romance: 35800

Some good movies in this group of films include Sleeping With Other People and Blue is the Warmest Colour. 

Romantic Dramas: 1255

After applying the above-given code, romantic dramas that you will find include Blue Valentine, The Spectacular Now, P.S. I Love You, etc. 

Romantic Favorites: 502675

Here, some best findings include movies such as Emma, Set It Up, She’s Out of My League, etc. 

Action and Adventure Movies

We know that there is an endless list of action and adventure movies available on the subscription-based video streaming platform. So, to help you out, we have collected the codes that can save your time. Continue scrolling to find out more. 

Spy Action and Adventure: 10702

Some of the best action movies on Netflix include Erased, Austin Powers: Goldmember, etc.

Military Action and Adventure: 2125

Some of the best military action and adventure films available on Netflix are Outlaw King, The Hurt Locker, Black Hawk Down, etc. 

Crime Action and Adventure: 9584

Some of the best findings in this category of films include American Heist, The Fast and the Furious, and Bonnie and Clyde. 

Comic Book and Superhero Movies: 10118

Films like Hellboy, Black Panther, The Dark Knight, etc., are some of the best you will find in this category of movies. 


Whenever we feel low, we usually try to find a good comedy film to lift our mood. If that’s the case with you, then go through the below-given codes to have a wholesome session of laughter without wasting any more time. 

Slapstick Comedies: 10256

Here the best findings include Christmas with the Cranks, The Waterboy, and RV. 

Stand-up Comedy Specials: 11559

Some of the best in this category include Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable, Hannah Gadsby: Nanette, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal, etc. 

Mockumentaries: 26

Some of the good findings in this category are Borderline, Trailer Park Boys, American Vandal, etc. 

Teen Comedies: 3519

Films like Heathers, The Perfect Date, and What a Girl Wants are some of the good finds in this category of comedy movies. 


By using the following Netflix drama codes, you can easily enjoy streaming some of the most thrilling stories. Just open your Netflix account and type in the secret code of any of the following different drama categories. 

Biographical Dramas: 3179

Some of the good Biographical dramas available on Netflix include The Imitation Game, Extremely Wicked, The King’s Speech, etc. 

LGBT Dramas: 500

Here some of the best findings include Milk, Moonlight, etc. 

Dramas Based on Books: 4961

Some of the best in this category include Room, Bird Box, and No Country for Old Men. 

Sports Dramas: 7243

Some of the best dramas based on sports are High Flying Bird, Miracle, Secretariat, etc. 

Political Dramas: 6616

In this category, some of the highly-rated findings include Lincoln, All the President’s Men, etc. 


It can be hard sometimes to find a good musical movie. The following Netflix code is definitely for you if you are a music lover.  

Musical Movies: 13335

Some of the best musical movies available on Netflix include Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Across the Universe, etc. 

Do Netflix Codes for Free Access exist?

No, the Netflix codes for Free Access does not exist. The Netflix codes are for viewing content only. However, free access codes are basically the gift cards which can be bought online. Netflix gift cards for access costs money which are received as a gift, bought as a gift or won in a competition or give away during promotional campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Netflix secret codes work. These codes are the special numbers that enable people to find hidden content in different categories or genres.

No, unfortunately, the Netflix codes does not work on the app because there is no way to input these codes. You can only browse categories and genre on laptop.

You can unlock all Netflix by using secret codes.  These codes will help you find different categories of movies and shows.

Yes, Can you Keep a Secret, a rom-com is available on Netflix.


If you are tired of old Netflix shows, you can check out some amazing content using Netflix codes. These codes help you unlock the hidden content of the extensive library of Netflix. We hope that this article has fulfilled its goal of providing an easy guide on how to use Netflix codes. So, search for these codes and watch Netflix in a better way.